By popular demand, www.anthonyarnold.net has resurfaced on the World Wide Web!

Greetings, I’m Anthony owner of www.anthonyarnold.net, and I’m happy to announce I’m finally putting the site (my very own personal website) up again after months of debate and being asked is it ever going to reappear. I’m doing this thanks to my friends over at GODADDY.COM, they not only have an outstanding technical support department but they have a very good web editor. If you have ever wanted to own a piece of the World Wide Web, I’d highly recommend GODADDY.COM!

For those new comers, I don’t only want to welcome you again but I want to take a couple of moments to introduce myself. I’m Anthony Arnold from Grand Forks North Dakota, and again I’m the owner of www.anthonyarnold.net. In addition to maintaining my site I work right out of my home for the Perentke Romich Company as a Remote Trouble Shooter for the technical service department (I work mostly on weekends). At the Prentke Romich Company, they both develop and support various kinds of communication devices designed for persons with communication difficulties.

I personally began to get interested in the Prentke Romich Company when I was 7 years old and needed a communication device of some type. I was born with cerebral palsy, which affects both my communication and physical abilities. To serve my need for mobility, I use a power wheelchair from Invacare. As what you are going to find out, I’m quite knowledgeable when it comes to disabilities and the various types of assistive technology devices.

Away from disabilities and assistive technology devices, I work out at a friend’s gym, Achieve Therapy & Fitness 3 times a week. At Achieve Therapy & Fitness, I have made some outstanding progress with my cerebral palsy. At first, we were using the TRX Suspension Training System and the NuStep, and as of now I’m on a StairMaster and various kinds of weight equipment.

As you can see, I also enjoy hanging out on the World Wide Web. Throughout my website, I am going to offer tons of links for various websites out there. I am going to also offer a personal blog where I am going to update periodically. If you happen to have any suggestions on what I may want to add, feel free to email me at aarnold@gra.midco.net. You can also locate me on Facebook.